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Courtney Love Icons

Courtney Love Icons

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This community is now under the wonderous care of knifestreet and perfectsinx. Started by Miss hawkedriot, and now under the care of the mighty fine ladies!

Feel free to post your Own creations... BUT don't steal other people's and pass them off as your own!

Overrides by pictoresque. Edited by Sarah

  • All icons or graphics posted here are free for use. if you want to use any of them, or if you are a friend of this journal, please remember.
  • Credit is a MUST. It will be checked, please credit the icon maker or the community in the keywords of the icon [if using an icon], or in your userinfo [if using a banner/header].
  • Comment about which one[s] you are going to be using.
  • DO NOT disable comments! You can't add tags if you disable comments. No fake cuts! You can post a teaser and a link to your own journal but don't fake it.
  • Please don't share the icons/graphics without crediting the user or community, if you've got a friend interested in them, tell them to join!
  • Do not promote your community here more than once a month. One promotion per one person once a month. Ok? It has to be RELATED! No rating communities.
    If you want to be an affiliates post here: [Affiliates post]


    As of right loveicons isn't actively taking requests. You can always join mothicons and request from someone there.


    lj cut code: (lj-cut text="your link text here..")things
    you want to put under cut(/lj-cut)

    link to a site: (a href="http://www..")text you wanna display(/a)

    display a picture: (img src="url of your picture")

    * but change () to <>


    To become an affiliate pelase comment here and add a link or banner back to here!

    distillaicons, __bittercandy, bittercandybits ,mothicons, distilla_ic, _familyvalues__, __courtney_love, elvis_stillness
    , candylandicons

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